We’ve all had lots of emotional reactions to DT. Before the campaign I felt disinterest and disdain. I recognized the “You’re Fired!” meme but I had never watched his TV show and never intended to. I was incredulous and revolted by the stupidity and overt racism of his “birther” movement. During the primaries I mostly laughed. I started taking him seriously and getting afraid as he dispatched each of the other Republican candidates one by one. Once he got the nomination I was very afraid, and I worked more for Hillary than for any previous candidate (mostly in New Hampshire, which she won narrowly). After the election I suffered through the stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, etc. His Presidency has elicited a mixture of incredulity, horror, disgust and terror. While all of those emotions are still in play my predominate feeling just now, as we contemplate the possibility of World War III and he wraps up his catastrophic (but utterly predictable) visit to Puerto Rico, is nausea. I want to vomit. I have ingested something utterly toxic and inedible. I need to throw it up and get it out of my system. Stat.

My emotions do not affect the course of history. But I offer this post because I hope and believe that I’m not alone. Specifically I think people who might well affect the course of history are feeling much as I do. Most pertinantly, the Republican leadership of the House and Senate and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They are, I suggest, and hope, also nauseated. They also need to vomit. They have ingested something utterly toxic and inedible. They need to throw it up and get it out of their system. Stat.

I have no crystal ball to tell how exactly this will play out. I continue to imagine an off-the-record meeting between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the leaders of Congress in which the Chiefs present DT as the most serious security threat to the United States of America in our lifetimes. I imagine Bob Mueller presenting DT with two alternatives: either he and his family will be indicted on multiple counts or he will resign “in order to spend more time with his family.” Or DT actually fires Mueller and actually gets impeached. Whatever the precise sequence of events, this needs to end.

I yield to noone, by the way, in my anxiety about the harm that could and probably would result from a Pence presidency. He is toxic on many levels, and extremely hostile to LGBT people in particular. He might even get re-elected and do further harm. But I need to vomit right now and I will deal with the consequences later.

Update, Dec. 14, 2017: Happy to welcome the Editorial Board of USA Today to the “literally vomiting” club: Will Trump’s lows ever hit rock bottom?

“A president who’d all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama’s presidential library or to shine George W. Bush’s shoes.”

That’s the most colorful quote but the entire article is worth reading since it’s very strong and chock full of strong


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